So excited we finally got our wedding photos! I apologize in advance if I flood your feed! (at Hotel Monaco)

Can’t go to Paris without stopping at Ladurée! #laduree #paris #honeymoon #macaroons (at Ladurée)

"And then we sailed that golden sand. Two sweethearts and the summer wind."

So ready for summer #margate #shorehouse #beach #downtheshore #summer #tbt #throwback #me (at Margate, NJ)




imagePulse For 50 Seconds For Each Leg

image20 Candle Stick Dippers

image10 Dynamo Push Ups 

image30 V Ups

image20 Pile Squats

image 50 Star Jumps/ Jumping Jacks 

image50 Crunches

image50 Squats

image50 Flutter Kicks

image30 Oblique Crunches On Each Side

image50 Heels To Heaven 

image10 Superman

image50 Seated Ab Twists

image50 Second Wall Sits x3

image50 Hip Lifts/ Booty Lifters

I’ve added some new exercises to the workout just to make it a bit interesting for you guys. Hope you like it. x

Fucking intense man

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Ending my Sixers career by escorting the legendary Dr. J onto the court to honor the 1982-83 championship Sixers team. Unreal. #sixers #drj #juliuserving #6 #76ers #nba #basketball #legend #basketballroyalty #bball

Bawling my eyes out before my very last dance. Thanks for the shout out @ddhayes8 and @matty93cord. You guys are the best!

All That Is Interesting: The Most Iconic Images Of The 1970s


Napalm Girl, 1972


Taken by Huynh Cong Ut, this photograph of the devastating impact of a napalm attack is the most iconic image of the Vietnam War. The girl in the center of the photograph is 9-year old Kim Phúc, who is running away from the attack with severe burns.

Kent State…